5 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
~Robert Louis Stevenson

Salespeople know, that closing the deal is necessary for immediate success (and excitement). Longevity in sales, through a long-term sales career, requires that you continually plant seeds for your next prospect, customer, and sale.

If you grab today’s business while ignoring preparation for tomorrow’s sale, your income becomes a constant roller coaster of feast or famine. That kind of sales career often ends in a burnout before it even becomes successful.

Set yourself up for consistent success for the long haul, by always filling your sales pipeline with prospects. Set up processes to consistently develop new leads, even during the busiest or most profitable periods. Even the greatest sale you’ve ever made will inevitably be completed. Without more leads already in progress, you’ll risk your steady income, your stress level, and your sanity.

A few ways to continuously fill your sales pipeline …

  • Requested referrals from your satisfied customers.
  • Be dependable and responsive to your office leads so they count on you first.
  • Instill loyalty with your customers through great service and follow-up, including simply checking in from time to time.
  • Network with other salespeople offering complementary services and sharing opportunities.
  • Attend places and functions where your target market is in attendance, so you become known and trusted, and remain top of mind.
  • Always be willing to improve your skill set!  The Security Sales Mastery course available at the Security Sales Academy is a start.

There are many more opportunities to keep leads coming and your sales pipeline full. Click on my website and learn how you can build your successful sales career even bigger with directed training and coaching in the security industry.

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