Coaching Can Help Key Employees Acheive Their Goals
Coaching Real Sales Skills to Teams
Coaching is for anyone in your company, not just the leadership team. The more support and training you provide to your employees, the more they remain committed to working for and with you. Coaching equips you with employees who …
  • Feel appreciated by leadership’s investment in them, making them loyal
  • Are motivated to stay at your company, preventing turnover and re-training
  • Become accustomed to expanding their skills and expertise to take on more responsibility

Individual Coaching Services

Individual coaching is especially effective with anyone who …
  • Feels ‘stuck’ in their current position and wants to break out
  • Has lost passion for their work
  • Wants to or has recently changed positions and wants to jumpstart their progress
Working in one-on-one coaching sessions with Audrey will support you to identify your goals, create action plans to reach those goals, set priorities and develop the habits to make it happen. Audrey’s ongoing coaching sessions support clients to …
  • Hold you accountable to your goals
  • Recognize when you stray off course
  • Motivate you to keep pursuing your goals
  • Give you feedback on your actions
  • Offer ideas and strategies to help you breakthrough roadblocks

Team Coaching Services

Team coaching is particularly valuable to …
  • Specific teams within the company structure who need to work cohesively, for example, management, sales or customer service
  • A team experiencing challenges in working with another team, i.e., sales and admin staff
  • Team members who work in different branches and must work together effectively
Team coaching allows each member to be recognized as an important part of the whole, giving them the incentive, the roadmap and the tools to work for the benefit of your customers and the company. Audrey’s team coaching sessions act to …
  • Clarify company and individual goals with all team members
  • Identify where current breakdowns in communication or processes are creating conflict and inefficiencies
  • Create effective strategies to accomplish team goals through coordinated efforts
Set up a Discovery Call now to learn how Audrey’s individual or team coaching will help you accomplish your goals. Coaching packages are tailored to your needs.