Selling Electronic Security

Is selling electronic security systems a good job?

You bet it is! There is a wide range of selling opportunities to choose from in this industry. Selling electronic security provides a valuable service to commercial companies, residential homes, industrial buildings, banks, hospitals, and agricultural locations like wineries or food growers. There truly is no limit.

There are also many types of systems to sell, and some may interest you more than others. For example, intrusion (burglar) alarms, fire alarms, video surveillance systems, access control (badging), and more. Many people prefer one type more than others, or they may like selling to families more than businesses, or vice versa. There are lots of options to fit your style and personality.

You can also decide to apply with large national companies, regional companies, or smaller, family-owned security companies. You have a lot of flexibility.

Is there a lot to learn to get into the security sales business?

There is a lot to learn because there are many kinds of systems and system designs. You don’t have to know everything at once. The flexibility of the business allows you to learn as you go by starting with smaller systems and projects and growing your knowledge over time. You can begin earning as you learn.

Do I have to be knowledgeable about technology?

No, you don’t. You’ll learn much about technology as you train in the industry, but your desire and ability to talk with people are most important. Knowing what the technology you’re selling can do for your customers and how it will solve their problems and work for them is the most important thing to understand.

How do you learn to sell electronic security systems?

Many people learn from their sales managers, trainer, and colleagues. Some companies have a specific sales training program, but most do not. Equipment vendors have programs online and often provide live training sessions. There are industry consultants and organizations that offer training as well. Ask your manager if you can take the training you need to succeed. You must be proactive and learn what you need to know to do well.

Can I make good money selling security systems?

You sure can. It doesn’t happen overnight, but like everything, you want to succeed, you need to learn and practice—understanding the different products and systems and how to design and build them takes some time. You also need to learn selling skills.

When you concentrate on a specific type of system or stay with a company for years, you can build your earnings. Hopping from job to job means you must restart your sales pipeline (prospects) and rebuild, which slows your earnings. Find the company where you want to stay so you don’t have to move often.

If you specialize in system types that require specialized knowledge or work to receive referrals from high-end or enterprise customers, you can make more money than someone who sells smaller systems. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn more and network effectively, and you can do very well.

Where can I learn more?

There are several associations on the state and national levels.  Start with Electronic Security Association or  When you’re ready to commit to your new career, check out my blog and classes!  I can get you started quickly, and once you have a few months behind you, my Security Sales Mastery Course will show you how to become one of the top earners at your company.  And please sign up for the mailing list, and follow me on LinkedIn!  Selling Electronic Security may be your calling. Start your new career today!