Consulting Services

Some Very Common Problems

Is your company dealing with frustrations that affect your efficiency, profitability, and growth, including …?
  • Losing experienced employees
  • Too much employee turnover and key positions
  • Lack of customer services skills in employees
  • Departments that are unable to work together without disputes
  • Employees who bring their annoyances to work with them
  • Complaints from customers about scheduling, service, or attitude of employees

You Are Not Alone

We’ll help you over these hurdles, making you and your company more profitable and a business where your employees want to work. • Our consulting services can help you identify what your challenges are and where they exist within your company. Then we work with you to develop a plan to overcome these obstacles. Together with your management team, we work with your employees to put processes in place to mitigate and prevent these issues. Finally, we set up accountability measures to keep the changes on track.

Consulting Services Can Help

Audrey built a successful alarm company from the ground up, effectively managed alarm companies’ teams and is an expert at . . .
  • Building team cohesiveness
  • Developing real customer service skills for everyone within the company
  • Coaching employees to recognize they are all in sales
  • Creating a team atmosphere that supports employees and customers
  • Streamlining current processes to remove redundant and unnecessary tasks
  • Training employees in learning how to determine a customer’s actual issue
  • Instructing employees how to support technicians in the field to be serve customers
Audrey will make your underutilized employees more valuable, your overworked employees less stressed, and create an overall feeling of well-being and the desire to be in the office working with colleagues.