Security Sales Mastery Course

The 10-week course Security Sales Mastery course provides a comprehensive skillset for new and veteran security salespeople alike.

Security Sales Mastery Alumni

Access to our monthly Alumni Opportunity Calls. Full 24/7 access to the Security Sales Mastery course modules and all updates

Consulting Services

Audrey’s 30 years of across-the-board security industry experience makes her uniquely qualified to work with alarm companies and their teams.


Designed especially for alarm companies who do not have the resources or the need for full-time sales management.

Security Sales Mastery for Teams

The same 10-week course but with a special emphasis on reaching team goals through cooperation and mentoring.

Security Industry Quickstart Course

Give your newly hired people the tools to be effective in the first week! This1 day proqram will give them confidence and knowledge.

Coaching Services

Coaching may be for the benefit of colleagues as individuals or groups, i.e., sales, or coaching several teams to create more effective performance between groups.