Building a Successful Sales Team

You are stepping into a valuable opportunity.  Building a successful sales team for your company is undeniably Audrey’s passion.  So, your team will be effective, profitable, and committed.

Start Building a Successful Sales Team Today

Without a doubt, building a Sales Team requires leadership and knowledge.  Audrey uses her abilities to make each team member’s confidence and motivation.  Using her leadership training, she mentors them individually, and, as a result, they become valuable team members.  Thus, you will see:

  • A higher close ratio on bids
  • More opportunities through networking
  • Reduced error on work orders and, therefore, fewer callbacks
  • Higher team morale and hence improved employee retention
  • Above all, happier customers and increased referrals

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Create Industry-Specific Skills

Audrey has the real-world experience and skills for building a successful sales team.  With 30 years of alarm industry experience, Audrey can provide your company with crucial support and abilities. With these keys, you can streamline your company and speed growth.  Audrey is the founder and developer of the Security Sales Academy.  The Security Sales Mastery course provided there is an online virtual institute.  Your sales team learns real sales skills fundamentals.  They are in the field faster, better prepared, and signing more contracts.  

For new salespeople getting their first exposure to our complicated industry we also offer the Security Sales QuickStart course, where they learn the basics of the language, widgets, and abbreviations, as well as the basic principles of being a life-safety provider.

Increase Profit and Improve Workflow

In short, Audrey will make your company more profitable by building a successful sales team. And your sales team will become effective, motivated, and successful. Work on your business while Audrey improves sales. Her incredibly effective programs help new salespeople and those who are underperforming.  Click here to get started.