Security Sales Mastery

The 24 lesson Security Sales Mastery course provides a comprehensive skillset for new and veteran security salespeople.  It allows them to grasp and retain what they learn as they increase their sales. Content, training, and coaching delivered by Audrey Pierson.

The Security Sales Mastery Course Includes

  • 7 module course delivered in the format you choose
    •  Virtual classes with live weekly coaching, or
    •  Proceed at your pace with self-study
  • Seven modules, each with four audio lessons
  • Written Action Guide for each module
  • A total of 28 audio lessons
  • Homework exercises with each lesson
  • Additional resources, including sample forms and templates
  • Two online sessions with the sales leader for goal setting and progress report
  • (With Coaching Option) Two live, one-hour class sessions each week with trainer/coach
    • 1st Weekly Call – Training module discussion. Call recorded & posted online for course participants.
    • 2nd Weekly Call – Opportunity Hour Call offers participants open time to ask questions, get help with lesson, work on real life prospects and proposals, and more.

Brand new to the industry?  Start with the 1-day QuickStart course to learn the basics of our industry’s language, widgets, and abbreviations. You’ll also learn how to present yourself as a confident, customer-oriented professional.

Module 1: Design Your Security Sales Career

By the end of Module 1, participants will…
  • Have a new appreciation for how your career can enhance your life.
  • Embrace a new level of confidence in your ability to achieve your career goals.
  • Get clear about what success means to you and what you want to achieve in the next year.
  • Set clear goals and map out a monthly plan to keep you focused and productive.
  • Discover the power of taking 100% responsibility for yourself, your sales success and your career advancement.

Module 2: Accelerate Your Sales Success

By the end of Module 2, participants will…
  • Uncover hidden opportunities for an immediate win.
  • Turn follow-up into your secret sales success weapon.
  • Discover why a referral trumps a lead and how to get more of them.
  • Establish daily success habits that fuel your success and advance your career.

Module 3: The Truth About Security Sales

By the end of Module 3, participants will…
  • Gain an appreciation for what it takes to run a profitable security company.
  • Have a clear understanding of the Security Sales Cycle in today’s environment.
  • Understand what roadblocks can sabotage your success and how to get around them.
  • Have a step-by-step plan for consistently beating out the competition.

Module 4: Start Your Qualified Leads Engine

By the end of Module 4, participants will…
  • Understand how to turn a cold lead into a hot prospect.
  • Be more confident in how you network locally.
  • Have an online presence that represents you and your company well.
  • Learn to easily maintain and enhance your network connections.

Module 5: Master the Profitable Proposal™

By the end of Module 5, participants will…
  • Have a plan for initial prospect calls and site visits.
  • Learn effective ways to target your true buyer.
  • Prepare a proposal that sells for you.
  • Know how to remain in control of the system design.

Module 6: Keys to Close the Sale

By the end of Module 6, participants will…
  • Discover how to reach the decision maker.
  • Learn to close in one visit.
  • Recognize personality types and learn how to sell to them.
  • Understand the most effective methods to negotiate with your customer.

Module 7: Keep Your Customer Connected for Sales Success

By the end of Module 7, participants will…
  • Learn how to create long term relationships with your customers.
  • Capture valuable testimonials from your customers.
  • Cultivate your customers’ referrals.
  • Network your clients together.
  • Remain top of mind into the future.

Security Sales Mastery Graduation!

“We decided on sending a new salesperson to Audrey’s Security Sales Mastery program for two reasons; Number one is because we need to train this new hire somehow! We had not hired a new security salesperson in a while and were utilizing a program that was ours, developed over time but not current with today’s selling landscape. It had no mention of social media, Zoom meetings, pandemic cold calling and, more that is routine in today’s world. Not to mention this new hire had no selling experience, or no security system experience. We were looking for help. The second reason is because of Audrey! I have had the pleasure of knowing Audrey for years! We would say hello and catch up a little at industry events. Particularly the CAA events as we both reside in California. She has always been a ‘Pro’ in our industry in the varying capacities she has held and I respect her and her professionalism in our industry.” “The Security sales Mastery Program was a “Home Run” as our new salesperson is off and running producing results! He is goal oriented, following up on leads and cold calling. He has his KPI’s in place and is working his ‘plan'”. – Chuck Petrusha, Advanced Security
“We enrolled our Field Customer Service Representative in the Security Sales Mastery course with the goal to have her sell more and give away less when saving cancellations or handling re-signs. After completing the training, I’m happy to say that early results show she has increased the number of proposals she writes each month, including doubling the amount of RMR and install dollars she sold from the first month to the second. I highly recommend Audrey’s course to any dealer with sales reps that can benefit from learning real sales skills or those who can use a refresh. Audrey’s been successfully selling in the security industry for years and is an excellent trainer and coach.” – Mike Miller, Owner/President Moon Security