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Industry Expert’s Website & Online Training Academy Poised to Increase Security Sales Skills

Carmel Valley, CA: Audrey Pierson Consulting today announced the launch of a new, updated website, www.audreypierson.com online now. providing specific information about available sales success training. The website details how security companies can begin building a successful sales team. Audrey confirmed: “Nothing has more potential impact to bottom line than effective training and constructive coaching of the sales and leadership teams.”

“I’ve worked in all areas of the security industry, and a missing piece I see across the country is sales skills training for alarm salespeople, who may know equipment and system design, but lack the experience to build a pipeline, develop a customer base and close the deal,” says Audrey Pierson, Founder at Audrey Pierson Consulting. “Through consulting services and our online and live Security Sales Academy, we train and coach new or underperforming salespeople to become motivated and successful professionals with real sales skills to build an alarm company.”

Features and benefits of working with Audrey Pierson Consulting include…

  • Participation in the 10-week Security Sales Academy to create top sales performers.
  • Team or 1:1 coaching with salespeople and sales leaders.
  • Virtual Sales Manager services to support dealers without a sales leader in their company.

Audrey Pierson Consulting is available now and already graduated its most recent participants of the Security Sales Academy with excellent results. For more information on how to increase sales and create motivated top performers, visit audreypierson.com online now.

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About Audrey Pierson

With 30 years of broad experience in the security industry, Audrey trains salespeople in how to be successful and sales leaders in how to support their teams to meet company goals. Audrey is founder of the online Security Sales Academy, in which she trains and coaches professionals in sales skills. She has sold every type of system from small residential to multi-million-dollar corporate accounts and has trained security salespeople in companies throughout the western states. Audrey’s passion is sales and creating top performers is her superpower.  Her trained sales professionals and their sales leaders are her best referrals.

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